Trusted Municipal Professional

John Gannon


  • Full-time municipal leader for over 25 years.
  • Watertown Zoning Board Member for the last 10 years, balancing smart development with the integrity of our neighborhoods.
  • Present municipal law attorney for Commonwealth of MA
  • Former Watertown Acting Town Attorney serving as the town’s first Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator. John’s work lead to substantial state grants for handicapped access to Town Hall and the Senior Center.
  • Former Somerville City Attorney managed all legal aspects of the Assembly Square rejuvenation project that is now a shining example of how a city builds a new neighborhood while respecting protected conservation lands and the needs of local businesses. Also supported efforts to extend the MBTA services into the city and found ways to boost innovative land uses. John’s lasting work for Somerville impacted us all — he initiated the class action lawsuit that expanded marriage equality in Massachusetts.
  • Counsel for municipalities in Massachusetts, implementing the Community Preservation Act, giving guidance on short-term rentals, and being a liaison and advocate for residents seeking services from their government.
  • National voting rights attorney protecting all citizens’ access to the ballot box.
  • Lifelong volunteer offering time to write the legal documents that helped to create numerous charities.
  • Ran track and cross country for Watertown High School.


  • I support funding our schools adequately to ready our students to address the challenges of the next generation. I believe Watertown students should be educated in new, innovative classrooms that promote engagement and problem-solving.
  • Watertown can lead the way in ensuring transparent, open government that gives everyone a voice. That means direct outreach to all residents in the newest media, it means neighborhood meetings and hand flyers to our homes. Watertown should promote the services that it offers and be there when someone needs a hand, and offer opportunities for others to volunteer that aid.
  • We must encourage neighborhood-friendly development, safer streets and affordable housing options that allow our seniors to remain in Watertown.
  • Watertown has a role to play in ensuring everyone is counted in next year’s U.S. Census. I will lead an effort to ensure Watertown ensures a full and fair count.
  • I support dignity and respect for all town employees, a safe workplace providing proud customer service.